Tuesday, 13 November 2012


My life is very much starting to take shape. Here I am newly single, living in city centre Manchester, doing my first real job in marketing and trying to land on my feet in what could potentially be a pretty terrifying situation. Old Megan would have probably freaked out, curled up into a ball demanding to be back in my small town life before university and the realisation that I should really be taking life into my own hands. But recently I have had an attitude overhaul and I am determined to jump in head first and really make the most of the amazing opportunities that are opening up to me. 

Saturday marked a rather great milestone in my life. The big 21. Although, living in the UK, this means very little in terms of what I can actually do now it does feel as though this is the beginning of something new for me. I have graduated and I am making it on my own now. The word "adult" is screaming out to me with impressive persistence. There are a million reasons that this should be daunting, but I am so aware that this is such an exciting time for me. No one ever truly becomes an adult because of a birthday. We have to learn, develop, grow and be nurtured to become the person we are meant to be. Things are always going to change. I am embracing change and looking forward to the next year. 

Will I further my career? Maybe. Will I go through a break up? Who knows. Will I be somewhere completely unexpected when I turn 22? Most definitely.

And here are some birthday snaps, to lower the tone:

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