Sunday, 17 June 2012

Touching Down in London Town

Natural History Museum// Dinner in Covent Garden// Union Jacks// Sway Bar// 
Practising for Trooping the Colour// Up St. Paul's Cathedral// Thorpe Park

To celebrate the end of exams and university a few friends and I headed to London for the week as a last trip before we all go our separate ways. Although, I am completely shattered now it is well worth it for the fun and jam- packed week we had! 

I love London. It's busy and bustling and there's something about the miss- matched architecture with the buildings competing for the prize of 'sticking out like a sore thumb' that makes me mesmerised by our capital. 

There was one problem, however. London is definitely not kind to my bird phobia!

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  1. I love your London collage! And your long distance pelican shot shows just how up close and personal you did NOT want to get to a feathered friend!!

  2. I am so glad that you and your friends enjoyed your trip to London - the pictures were great. I daresay you are pleased to be home to hopefully get some