Sunday, 10 June 2012

Apivita Express Beauty Mask with Pomegranate

I'm not sure whether it has been the crazy weather changes over the last month or stress from exams, but my skin has been in desperate need of some TLC. Remembering the May Glossybox included a couple of face mask sachets I decided I would give them a go. 

I received the Apvita Express Beauty Mask with Pomegranate, which claims to be revitalising and radiance boosting for dull skin. 

First thing I noticed was the smell. It was lovely and fruity, but not overpowering so that was a definite positive. Also the texture of the mask was interesting. In the past I have only really used peel off masks or clay masks which harden, whereas this was more of a creamy texture which reminded me of really thick moisturiser. It also contained really fine beads, which were  lovely and exfoliating when removing the mask. I did, however, have a bit of trouble washing it off because of how thick it was. It definitely needed a good long rinse!

After using the mask my face felt a bit tight, but after a good moisturise my skin did feel much more nourished and soft. 

Overall, I enjoyed using this mask and there is plenty enough for two applications per sachet so there's much more pampering in store for me! I love the fact that these masks are mostly natural (89% apparently, random!) and that they exclude any synthetic ingredients. I am not sure if I'll repurchase, but I know I will enjoy using up my sample. 
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  1. You deserve some pampering! Enjoy your Glossy Box bits!!

  2. Maybe, when you come home again we can do some fun pampering together!!! I love you Meggy!

  3. Sounds perfect sweetheart! Love you too xxx

  4. What a great blog - even at my age I enjoy reading anything about beauty products and occasionally
    pick up some good ideas. Look forward to your next blog - take care xxxx