Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down

For me summer has always been about having as much fun as you can, whilst also using the bags of free time away from studies as a useful period to get any jobs done that have been hanging over me that I've always had an excuse not to do (get my driving test in, sort out my wardrobe basics, take my books back to the library that I have renewed online a million times... the boring chores). I also feel, this year in particular, I need to immerse myself into the world of work, learn first hand about the type of career I may want when I leave university next year and increase my employability. Past summers have seen trips to Africa, work experience with the police, helping my mum out with my newborn brother and a whole host of other exciting things, whereas I feel this year it's time to get serious, but still enjoy every step along the way. 


1. A relaxing start to the summer getting to spend a great deal of quality time with the family and the boyfriend.

2. Hans Zimmer. Enough said.

3. Getting involved in a lot of  new opportunities. I am making positive headway in the search for a career I'll love and getting more involved with my university- looks like the next year is going to be busy and rewarding.


1. Pale Skin + Sun + Forgetting To Apply Sun Tan Lotion Until The Damage Has Been Done = Rather Attractive Lobster Face

2. The bombardment of the aforementioned awful adverts - with the new Tevo advert being my most recent pet hate!

3. Weird Twitter Stalkers who tag you in strange, suggestive posts... 


  1. Quality time with the family (especially me...) rocks. xD Haha. And Hans Zimmer is such like ahh ineffable. Too great to describe in words. O: I'm sure you'll have some amazing like work experience timeees and you'll learn a whole bunch and then you'll be able to be more employable than like *some people* >.>

    I love how you cut me out that picture. :P You do go SLIGHTY...very...red in the sun. You're a silly bananaaa. Eurgh. Tevo adverts. >.< They make my head implode...o.O Twitter stalkers...enough said. :S


  2. So proud of you my darling! You are awesome :) xxx